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Nike Grind

Celebrating 30 years of sustainability


The challenge

Nike Grind is an amazing internal program that has recycled over 140 million tons of waste into new products since it began 30 years ago. But despite Nike’s well-known, public commitment to sustainability, Nike Grind has operated under the radar for decades.


As Nike Grind’s agency of record, 3/Thirds understood both the power of this story and the unique challenges of building equity around a sub-brand that would amplify (not compete with) the central tenets of the parent brand.

What we noticed

One of Nike’s core brand pillars is that there’s no finish line. And this is especially true when it comes to the daunting renewable goals that Nike has set for itself. Good is never good enough. 


When it comes to Nike Grind, that means finding more ways to turn potential waste into pure potential. And the best way to do this is to bring on more partners, internally and externally, to create more products that use Nike Grind. 


So, we pitched an internal celebration of Nike Grind’s 30th anniversary that put their story in front of Nike’s 80,000+ employees who, let’s face it, are their most dedicated brand ambassadors. It was the perfect opportunity to make some noise.

What we delivered

Multiple videos produced • Website (design and copy)
• 30th anniversary logo mark • Internal communications support


From refreshing their website and creating videos to building internal communication designs, writing emails and creating a special anniversary logo—we helped share a success-in-the-making story that the world needed to hear.


The reach of the celebration campaign was far and wide, both within Nike and within the world of design and manufacturing. It was a positive message and was shared organically by many. And while there may never be a finish line, 3/Thirds is helping Nike continue to push forward and take the steps needed to better care for our planet.

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