To celebrate twenty-five years of Nike Grind, 3/Thirds developed a three-part activation consisting of an installation at Nike’s Prefontaine Hall, the first-ever Makers Summit and Nike Grind Material Kits.


Set in Nike’s historic Prefontaine Hall, this exhibition was designed to celebrate Nike Grind’s story. 3/Thirds concepted, designed and installed eight display cases, a 3D video loop, product displays and the “25”: a 10-foot high plexiglass showpiece that used clear tubes filled with Nike Grind to spell out the number 25 (from front and back).  



The first-ever event of its kind, the Makers Summit was designed to bring together internal and external recycled material makers for a full day of speakers and an open exchange of ideas about what’s possible with Nike Grind and recycled materials.


3/Thirds set the overall design aesthetic for the experience, including room design, presentations, invites, displays and more. 3/T also produced the event, coordinating with presenters, managing invite lists and travel arrangements, creating the run of show and organizing pre-event activities.


Nike needed a way to physically display the different Nike Grind material types so that potential partners could better understand their characteristics. So, 3/Thirds concepted, designed and developed the Nike Grind Material Kit. These interactive, hands-on kits house 26 materials and are designed to accommodate any future changes in the materials’ library.


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