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Connect the West


The challenge

PacifiCorp (doing business as Rocky Mountain Power in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah and as Pacific Power in Oregon, California, and Washington) has a bold vision for a connected West, where unmatched natural supplies of wind, solar and other renewable resources are united in a modern, integrated grid. 


Connection isn’t just a business opportunity for them. It’s the secret to decarbonizing our energy system rapidly and on a massive scale.


As PacifiCorp’s agency of record, we were thrilled to help tell this complicated and politically sensitive story, which affects millions of people living in a diverse range of rural and urban communities.

What we delivered

Campaign & communications planning • Pre-roll, OTT & old-school spot
Integrated messaging • Media planning • Earned media • Digital display • Video • Social


This optimistic community-focused messaging platform is earning the trust of a dispersed customer base and building support for work that will make a better future for all.

Operating as an organizing principle, “Connect the West” has aligned communications across PacifiCorp’s paid, owned and earned channels, optimizing in-market performance and delivering improved customer satisfaction scores.

What we noticed

At a time when anxiety about the future—and trust in shared institutions—is at an all time low, we saw an opportunity to showcase PacifiCorp’s clear vision for a post-carbon future and its leadership in bringing that future to life.

Those two elements (the ability to see a way forward and the competence to deliver) gave structure to Connect the West, a long-term brand campaign that is making a multi-decade, multi-billion dollar infrastructure project relevant, meaningful and reassuring to customers from every walk of life.

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