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BIM Electric

Branding and activation


The challenge

BIM Electric integrates electrical engineering workflows into Autodesk Revit, allowing them to help shape projects at earlier stages and collaborate more meaningfully with design teams. That’s a huge win. So what’s the catch? Change is hard, and engineers have gotten used to their work arounds. It wasn’t enough to introduce a better solution—we also needed to help them see BIM Electric as the the new gold standard.

What we noticed

Business as usual leaves electrical engineers as an afterthought. BIM Electric invites them to step forward as the heroes of the built environment’s energy future.

What we delivered

Brand identity and style guide • Website • Product sizzle reel • White paper • Communication strategy • Sales presentation 


Schneider Electric has already established the vision for Electricity 4.0—the convergence of electric and digital at scale. Our work took the next step and positioned BIM Electric as the enabling technology for this larger—and mission-critical—story.

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