We are 3/thirds

We create things of value and experiences that people love.


Some things about the 3/T Team

We are a closeknit team with a widespread range of experience and capabilities.
We have deep experience across multiple business categories.
We assemble the best teams based on a project’s need.
We work with large and small brands.
We revel in the process (of solving your challenges).
Our name does NOT have anything to do with the # of owners (ask us!).


We believe...

…In strategy that provides intelligent solutions to marketing challenges.
…In a user experience that inspires action.
…In story that connects your values and vision to your audience’s needs.
…In good design that amplifies and illuminates great ideas.

We believe in marketing that matters.


What we do

To accomplish the goals of our clients, it takes end-to-end, top-to-bottom skills that begin with understanding the challenges, the foresight to see the best path forward, and the ability to design and build solutions that work.




Brand Strategy

Product Planning & GTM Approach

Vertical/Industry Research & Insights

Competitive Analysis

Information Architecture & User Experience

Analytics & Measurement

creative design



Visual Creation

Branding & Identity





Content & Messaging strategy


Voice Development

Messaging & Positioning

Narrative Storytelling

Content Development & Copywriting



Video & Photo


Concepting & Storyboarding

Directing & Production

Motion Graphics & 2D/3D Animation


Music & Sound Design

Digital, Web & Mobile


Technical Strategy & Planning

CMS Implementation

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Multivariate Testing & Optimization

    multi-channel campaigns


    Theming, Pillar and Touchpoint Planning

    Print, Collateral, Signage

    Web, Email & Mobile

    Lead Generation

    Social & Search Engine Marketing

    Display Advertising



    For us, it’s all about the relationship and how we can help you reach your goals by creating authentic, meaningful and impactful work. 

    We PROMISE To...


    Be your expert, your advocate and your source of inspiration.
    Never settle when it comes to you.
    Be honest, open and authentic.
    Not make assumptions.
    Listen – to you, and your opinions.
    Be considerate, passionate and imaginative.
    Challenge you; to make you better.
    Keep you as involved in the creative process as you want.
    Not shy away from having the tough conversation.
    Continually nurture our relationship and always be excited by it.